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ALL Balance Transfers 3.99% APR* for the life of the balance transfer. Don't stress over credit card debt! Let us help you relax with our Visa® special! Offer valid January 2, 2020- March 31,2020. *APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Some restrictions apply.

The balance transfer process can take up to a week to 10 days. You need to continue to make your normal payments on all of your credit card accounts until the transferred amount appears as a payment on those credit card statements. HCU is not responsible for any additional charges or fees assessed by your other credit card account(s), or for payments that are late or lost in the mail. HCU is not able to close your other credit card accounts; you must contact those issuers directly. You may transfer balances from other non-HCU credit cards up to your established credit limit. The balance transfer promotional offer begins January 2, 2020, and is available until March 31, 2020 . The APR will be 3.99% and the monthly Periodic rate of FINANCE CHARGE will be .03325% on your average daily balance of the amount for the life of the transfer(s). Balances transferred may increase your minimum payment due. (The minimum payment will be either 3% of your total New Balance or $10.00, whichever is greater.) Balance transfers are treated as cash advances and will accrue finance charges from the date that advance was disbursed. Payments will be applied to all other balances prior to applying to this promotional balance. Balance transfers are not eligible for ScoreCard Bonus Points and may not be used to pay other HCU accounts. Accounts that are or become 60 days past due will not qualify for this promotion and will have any remaining promotional balances migrate to standard terms. All terms and conditions outlined in the Credit Card Agreement apply. HCU reserves the right to decline any balance transfer request.

For additional questions please call 740-775-3331 or visit one of our five convenient locations.