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SecurLOCK Equip® FAQs


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Why do I need transaction alerts from SecurLOCK Equip®?

Having SecurLOCK Equip® is the best way to monitor your Homeland CU Visa® credit and debit cards. By using SecurLOCK Equip® you will receive an alert for EVERY transaction that occurs on your card(s). If you should have unauthorized activity on your card you will know immediately, often prior to a text/phone call from our fraud service.

Why would I need to turn my cards off and on through an app?

If you receive a transaction alert on one of your card(s) that is unauthorized you can stop additional fraud from occurring by simply using the on/off switch to turn the card off and contact Homeland CU. Misplace your card? Use the on/off switch to turn your card off. Find your card an hour later, use the on/off switch to turn your card back on.

Why would I want to control where my card can be used?

By using the card controls available in SecurLOCK Equip® you can completely customize where and how your card can be used, including setting up spending limits. Examples: You can turn on the location switch in SecurLOCK Equip®, this will only allow your card to work within a five-mile radius of your phone! Don’t shop online-Go to transactions types and turn off online activity! You can completely customize this app to meet your needs.