Attention Homeland Credit Union Members, 

Many financial institutions, including Homeland, are experiencing an increase in cases of “spoofing” – when a fraudulent caller falsifies information displayed on the caller ID to disguise their identity.

Things to know when answering a call from Homeland Credit Union. If you receive a call from Homeland and the phone number 740-775-3331 and the caller is seeking personal or account information such as Online or Mobile banking login and password, account number, social security number, mother’s maiden name, debit/credit card numbers, PIN or CVV numbers, expiration dates, etc.

1. DO NOT provide the caller with any information, no matter how convincing they may be.

2. HANG UP immediately and call Homeland Credit Union directly at 740-775-3331.

As a reminder Homeland Credit Union will not call, text, or email you asking for personal or account information. 

If you have any questions about the information shared about or about your account at Homeland Credit Union please call 740-775-3331.