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Travel Tips


Planning to use your Homeland CU Visa Debit or Credit Card while traveling? Contact us first.

To prevent fraudulent charges on your account, debit and credit card transactions are monitored 24/7 for fraud risk. Fraud warnings may be triggered when charges are outside of your typical usage area or from certain areas of the world.

If you are planning to use your Homeland CU Debit or Credit Card while traveling, please provide us with the following information so we can note it on your account:

  • All states and/or countries that you will be visiting.
  • Dates of your travel.
  • Phone number where we can reach you to verify your transactions during your travel.

Please allow at least 48 hours prior to your departure for us to make sure your card(s) are noted with your plans and will be available during that time.

IMPORTANT: Due to high fraud and federal restrictions, transactions are prohibited in some countries. Please contact us to see if your destination is on the blocked countries list.

Contact us with your travel destination(s) and dates of travel.

What you should know for smooth traveling

  • ALWAYS carry more than one form of payment such as a debit card, credit card, and cash.
  • Verify that your cards will not expire during your travel dates. Contact us to receive a new card at least two weeks before your trip.
  • Know your PIN. Use your PIN whenever possible when making purchases.
  • Monitor your account through home banking at, and mobile alerts for debit and credit.
  • Carry your card issuer(s) phone numbers in case you run into problems using your card while traveling.
  • Return calls to our Falcon Fraud Service. If Falcon determines that a transaction is too risky they may block the transaction in real time or temporarily block your card until certain transactions can be verified by you. By returning their call you may be able to quickly resolve a temporary block as long as no fraud is occurring on your card.
  • Keep your contact phone number(s) current. It is very important for the CU and Falcon to have a valid phone number where you can be reached.