Fee Schedule

CHECK PRINTING FEE – Fee depends on style and quantity of drafts ordered and is automatically deducted from checking account.

QUICK SHIP FEES FOR CHECK ORDERS - Call for current charges.

DRAFTS – NSF FEE - $25.00 fee for each check returned for non-sufficient funds.

PAID NSF FEE (DRAFT) - $25.00 fee for each draft that is presented NSF and then paid using the Overdraft Privilege Program.

OVERDRAFT FEE (DRAFT) – If a check is presented for payment and the funds are not available, the item may be paid if funds become available, however a $25.00 overdraft fee will be charged.

STOP PAYMENT ORDER FEE - $25.00 fee for each check (or series of checks) stop payment request.

DRAFT COPY FEE - $3.00 fee for the front and back copy of a paid check. Rush orders $6.00.

ACH – NSF FEE - $25.00 fee for each automatic payment returned for non-sufficient funds.

ACH PAID NSF FEE - $25.00 fee for each item that is presented NSF and paid using the Overdraft Privilege Program.

ACH ORIGINATION NSF FEE – If an ACH item is originated from our credit union to collect money from another financial institution and is returned for non-sufficient funds, a $25.00 fee will be charged.

ACH CUSTOMER CANCELLATION/STOP PAYMENT FEE - $20.00 fee for canceling an electronic payment or a one-time stop of an electronic payment originating from another business or financial institution.

OVERDRAFT FEE – ATM - $25.00 fee for each automatic teller machine withdrawal that is made for which there are no funds to clear.

ACCOUNT HISTORY FEE - $5.00 fee for a printed account transaction history.

STATEMENT COPY FEE - $5.00 fee for copies of monthly or quarterly statements.

ACCOUNT RECONCILIATION FEE - $10.00 per hour will be charged for account reconciliation or research performed per member’s request.

CHECK WITHDRAWAL FEE – One cashier’s check per day will be issued at no cost to the member. $3.00 will be charged for each subsequent check issued in the same day.

WIRE TRANSFER FEE - A $20.00 fee for funds being wired from our credit union to another financial institution. Domestic wires only. 

EXCESSIVE SHARE WITHDRAWAL FEE – (Capital Reserve Accounts Only) – $14.00 will be charged for each withdrawal in excess of six in a single month.

STARTER CHECK FEE - $3.00 fee for each package of 8 starter checks issued. (No fee for checks issued at account opening.)

DISHONORED ITEM FEE - $25.00 fee for each item deposited in the account and then returned by the institution the item is drawn on.

MINIMUM BALANCE FEE – Accounts not maintaining an average daily balance of $50.00 in all suffixes combined will be charged a $3.00 monthly minimum balance fee.

CHILD SUPPORT CHECK FEE – Accounts from which child support checks are manually withdrawn and mailed to the Child Support Enforcement Agency will be charged a $5.00 fee for each occurrence.

ESCHEATMENT FEE - When an account has no activity for five years or more and the owners of the account cannot be reached, a fee of $35.00 will be deducted from the balance of the account and the remainder of the funds (if any) will be released to the State of Ohio for Unclaimed Funds.

TRANSWORLD COLLECTION FEE - $25.00 fee for accounts sent to Transworld for collection.

SKIP-A-PAY FEE - $15.00 fee when a request is made to skip a payment on a loan.

VERBAL BALANCE INQUIRY FEE - $1.00 fee for a telephone balance inquiry. 

VERBAL SHARE-TO-SHARE TRANSFER - $2.00 fee for a telephone share-to-share transfer. 

ATM TRANSACTION CHARGE - Charged to members when using a foreign ATM.

FOREIGN CHECK FEE - $25.00 fee for each foreign check presented. Additional charges may apply.

GARNISHMENT REQUESTS - $25.00 fee for a garnishment request on a member's account.

PLASTIC CARD REPLACEMENT FEE - $10.00 fee for plastic card replacements.

FAX FEE - $3.00 fee - 5 page maximum - $1.00 per page after first 5.
ACCOUNT REOPENING FEE -$25.00 fee to reopen a previously closed account.

NON-MEMBER SHARE DRAFT CASHING FEE - $10.00 fee per share draft presented for payment by a non-member.