Parents have the important role of teaching their children life skills that will enable them to thrive as adults. One important skill is to learn how to manage money well. Practicing this skill early will help children through the inevitable financial ups and downs common in adulthood.

Opening a savings account for your children gives them a great opportunity to begin their training. In addition to developing the habit of saving money regularly, your child will learn how to differentiate between “needs” and “wants,” control their spending, and how to plan for their future.

National Credit Union Youth Month is a great opportunity to start teaching them good financial skills. Every April, credit unions across the country focus on educating youth about financial health. This year’s theme,” Unleash the Power of Saving at a Credit Union™,” encourages kids to take care of their “pet” savings account and watch how powerful it can be. A strong and healthy savings account can provide security (and a lot of fun!) for their future.

Please join us to celebrate Youth Month this April and help your child “unleash” the power of saving!