Online Banking
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Please Call 1-833-264-0816 for assistance logging into Online Banking outside of Homeland CU normal business hours. After hours support will be available Mon-Thurs 5pm-1am EST, Fri 6pm-1am EST, Sat-Sun 7am-1am EST and is for password and authentication question reset only. All other questions should be addressed during normal business hours by calling 1-740-775-3331.


Beginning in July 2018, we will be requiring all of our electronically deposited items that we accept thru our RDC application to have the following endorsement:

“For Mobile Deposit Only” along with your signature.


mobile deposit


Step 1 - Enter current Login Username

Step 2 - Password is the last 6 digits of the primary account owner's SSN

Step 3 - The system will automatically ask you to change your Password.
8-32 characters - Must include at least 1 upper case, 1 lower case, 1 number and 1 special character (no spaces or =<#&)

Step - 4 Complete security questions.